Shelly’s Surrogacy Story

So Many Beautiful Moments

Surrogate Moms share similar stories about the first time they meet their Couple and all of the preparations for that day. They try on several outfits then ask their husband what they think and regardless of his response, they toss it onto the heap of clothing that is forming on the bed and continue the search. Their nerves are nearly shot by the time they get to the restaurant. And within moments of their meeting, she realizes that there was nothing to fret about.

Well, Shelly’s experience was not much different, except one interesting (funny, really!) event. The conversation at the table was going so well and the dinner was great. We decided to share a frozen mud pie for dessert. Kim offered to cut it and when she went to insert her fork, it went flying across the table then took flight into the air and flew right past “Dad” nearly hitting his leather jacket! We were all so shocked that no one said anything for a moment, then “Dad” reached down to the floor and with his fork he picked up the pie and waved it over his head like a victory flag. We all just roared with laughter.

That was the beginning of what was to become a beautiful relationship. “Dad” did not speak any English, but you could always tell how he felt. Whenever he saw Shelly, tears would just well up in his eyes. His joy was so obvious. The bond with the Couple and Shelly’s kids, Charlie and Aaron, was incredible. There was no language barrier between them at all. It was truly amazing. “Mom” was able to travel frequently to California to visit Shelly, Carlos and the kids. On one visit, Shelly and her mom, Dee, hosted an elegant baby shower for her. She was so happy and she thought that life couldn’t get any sweeter. But, we all knew that the best was yet to come.

We knew we were delivering via C-Section as this was Shelly’s history, but still there was no way to know the exact date. The couple arrived a few weeks before the expected due-date as they didn’t want to risk missing the birth. But even with all of the best thought out plans, we learn once again, that the babies will be born in their time not ours. Shelly went for her doctor’s appointment while her Couple stayed home to watch Aaron. To Shelly’s surprise, the doctor sent her over to the hospital to be prepped for surgery right then. Fast thinking Tracy was there and while changing into a pair of scrubs, she was able to alert the couple, Carlos and me before going into surgery with Shelly. Fortunately, Carlos, was close to home and was able to pick the Couple up and rush them to the hospital just in time to see their babies come out of the Operating Room. So, on March 2, 2000, Baby Marilyn was born weighing in at 6lb 8oz and Baby Shelly was born weighing in at 5lb 4oz.. Wow!!