Reproductive Endocrinologists

The Reproductive Endocrinologists associated with Building Families, Inc., are world renowned with extraordinary statistics of success working with Surrogates.

When the Reproductive Endocrinologist evaluates the Surrogate Candidate, many things are considered. First and foremost is the health of the Surrogate. It is their belief, as well as Building Families, Inc., that the ultimate goal is not a pregnancy, but a healthy outcome for the Surrogate and the Intended Parent’s child. Every party must have laboratory tests performed including the “non-participating partners” which are spouses that are not contributing genetic material.

The Surrogate and her husband have a private consult with the Reproductive Endocrinologist where the procedures and medications are explained in detail to them. This is to ensure that they understand the doctor’s protocol and their obligation to follow his orders exactly. Building Families, Inc. is aware of how expensive these medical procedures are and realizes that most often they are not covered by any healthcare insurance. This private consult assists the Surrogate in realizing how vital each and every step is in achieving success.

When the Intended Parent’s have their first consultation with the Reproductive Endocrinologist, their entire fertility history is taken. The physician discusses all of the possible alternatives to ensure that the Intended Parent’s will benefit from working with a Surrogate. The same goal is shared by all of the professionals; Immediate success with a healthy outcome!!

During the medical procedures, the Reproductive Endocrinologist and his laboratory staff are in constant communication with the Intended Parents keeping them involved in the decision making process. The physicians follow the Surrogate’s progress very closely. She is released to her own obstetrician between her 9th and 12th week of pregnancy.

The medical procedure performed by the medical team is the IVF Embryo Transfer