Recent Deliveries

Congratulations to our successful surrogate mothers who delivered!

    • Nataly delivered on 01/17/2020
    • Melissa H. delivered on 12/05/2019
    • Jeri delivered on 07/25/2019
    • Yolanda delivered on 07/23/2019
    • Mandy delivered on 07/21/2019
    • Melissa delivered on 05/21/2019
    • Priscilla delivered on 05/03/2019
    • Laura delivered on 03/19/2019
    • Amanda delivered on 02/25/2019
    • Angela delivered on 02/14/2019
    • Tonya delivered on 02/14/2019

Confirmed Pregnancies

Congratulations on the following confirmed pregnancies!

  • Randi is due 04/02/2020
  • Maritza is due 04/23/2020
  • Danielle is due 05/12/2020
  • Annette is due 05/15/2020
  • Monique is due 07/18/2020
  • Melissa R. is due 08/05/2020
  • Aleza is due 08/21/2020
  • Christine L. is due 08/22/2020
  • Jamie is due 08/22/2020
  • Angie is due 09/04/2020

Bio of the Month


Annette is a busy mom to 3 kids, Natalie is 17, Diego is 13 & and Gabbie is 7. She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse at her local hospital and learned about Surrogacy through a co-worker. Her philosophy of life is to “live, laugh, and love always”. We are a witness to this as we have heard her infectious laugh and have seen how she pours out genuine love for everyone she comes into contact with. We are so glad she found us!!

Monica M.

Meet Monica, a mom to an adorable 3-year-old little girl named Elianna! She is a Certified Massage Therapist and has an artistic side. She enjoys dancing, painting, hiking, and going to the beach. Monica’s love for helping people continues well past her job and when we asked why she wanted to be a surrogate, she said: “because I know how much joy a child can bring to your life and I think everyone who wants that should have the opportunity”. We think so too!