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Recent Deliveries

Congratulations to our Successful Surrogates and their Intended Parents!

Congratulations to our successful surrogates who delivered!

    • Brianna delivered on 03/09/2024
    • Crystal delivered on 02/05/2024
    • Alma delivered on 12/06/2023
    • Dee delivered on 11/24/2023
    • Jessica delivered on 11/16/2023
    • Britney delivered on 10/24/2023
    • Kim delivered on 10/10/2023


Confirmed Pregnancies

Congratulations on the following confirmed pregnancies!

Congratulations on the following confirmed pregnancies!

  • Lupe due 6/30/2024
  • Mishell due 8/02/2024
  • Ashley due 8/03/2024

Bio of the Month

If you’ve been following along on our social media accounts, this beauty is no stranger! Manika is a Registered Dental Assistant who is studying to become a nurse. She loves to be active and even played in an adult soccer league! As a single mother, her bond with her daughter Destinee is unparalleled. She spends much of her free time encouraging Destinee’s passions and showing up as her number one fan for dance competitions.

Manika works hard every day to provide for her daughter, but also makes time for the magic in life. As a Southern California native, you can find her on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland Park whenever she has free time! She lives life to the fullest and believes that you should always work hard for what you want in life.

Manika says surrogacy is always something she has wanted to do, “I just know the love I have when I became a mother, I couldn’t imagine not being able to have a child of my own. I would like to give a family that opportunity.” We can’t put it any better than that!

Be sure to follow along with Manika’s surrogacy journey on our social media accounts!