• Celebrating 30 Years of building families!


We are so thankful to have met and shared the joy of Building Families with so many people. We are also grateful when they share their feelings about their journeys with us.

We truly appreciate it for BFI and HRC to bring a healthy child to our family. This was a great and enjoyable experience and sweet memory for our whole life. We highly recommend anyone for this journey with BFI and HRC.

D&L Intended Parent

Navigating infertility is a tough journey. For us, having the right support team was key in completing our family. In 7 years, we were shuffled between doctors through many types of infertility treatments which resulted in many pregnancy losses. Once we established an amazing RE physician, she educated us on other options such as surrogacy. We learned about several different surrogacy agencies, but always came back to BFI. When we initially met Randi, my husband and I instantly knew that we would move forward with BFI helping us through a new chapter in life. BFI truly supports the intended parents with answering every question, showing support at the doctor’s appointments, and doing monthly check-ins. The match process was also carefully thought through to make sure that the IPs and potential surrogate would have a great connection. Till this day, with a rambunctious 9 month old, BFI has still stayed in touch. I can’t say enough great things about the whole-hearted team at BFI who does not treat any of their IPs and surrogates as just another case.

Intended Parent

Dear Randi, Carol and Shannon, Thank you so much! Our baby girl is thriving and we are just feeling so happy and thankful. You helped us find the perfect surrogate. Working with a surrogate is not something we ever thought we would do - it is an extraordinary situation to be in - but all of the support and considered advice that you offered made it all flow so smoothly. Derek was a perfect match for us. She is smart, caring, thoughtful and gave us total confidence that she was doing everything to ensure a healthy pregnancy. We couldn't have asked for a better match!

Intended Parent

We will never to able to fully express our gratitude for what Building Families has done for us: literally given us a family!

Emily M Intended Parent

The best agency in the history of... EVER! ❤️

Annie M Surrogate

I liked the smaller family feel. I felt like I was supported and cared for throughout the entire process.

Overjoyed Mother Intended Parent

In talking to them I felt like I was connecting with old friends. They made me feel comfortable from day one.

Contented Surrogate Surrogate

We would like to send you our most heartfelt thanks for being a central part of the wonderful experience that brought us [baby girl]. We are grateful for your wisdom in matching us with [Surrogate] and for your help and guidance along the way. [Baby girl] is doing so well and it’s amazing to see her discovering new things every day. We can’t wait for you to meet her sometime soon!

Deliriously Happy Parents Intended Parent

The attention to support is what made me choose them.

Cherished Surrogate Surrogate

I had an amazing experience with Building Families. They were incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire journey that led to the birth of my twins. And my surrogate was the best there could be! I highly recommend this agency to help make your dreams come true.

Andrea S Intended Parent

My delivery experience was life-changing; there are no words to describe the feeling of seeing your couple with their baby for the first time. BFI literally held my hand in the moments I needed it the most.

Christine S Surrogate

I have started to write about our surrogacy experience in my head many times, but it's hard to put into words what the gift of surrogacy is and means to someone who wants to be a parent.

My husband and I struggled with infertility for four years before coming to Building Families. The cause of our infertility (recurrent early pregnancy loss) is still unexplained. It's hard not having answers, and feeling like you're constantly hitting a brick wall. It left my heart empty.

From the first day we contacted Building Families, though, we knew we were in good hands. Finally, we were excited again about the possibility of becoming a family. We were matched with the most wonderful surrogate and family we could imagine. The embryo transfer, positive pregnancy test, and confirming ultrasounds were all steps on a ladder toward our dream come true: a baby to hold in our arms and make us a family. As the pregnancy progressed, we finally started to realize that we might get our happy ending after all. Our surrogate could not have done more to make us feel a part of the pregnancy journey. We shared in milestone doctor appointments, heard about the baby's first kick (and the many thereafter!), and eagerly waited for the due date. As the pregnancy progressed, I was the most excited thinking about what our baby boy would look like and holding him in my arms.

I still think about our son's Birth Day daily. The phone call that our surrogate was in labor. Stepping into the hospital room. The progression of the labor as our baby prepared to make his entrance into the world. Our surrogate helping him along. The moment I saw his face for the first time. The feeling of holding him in my arms. It is indescribable. It might have become a cliché in surrogacy circles that surrogacy is the greatest gift someone can give and that anyone can receive. However, it is simply true, and the best description of the journey we experienced and the relationship we formed. A few weeks after our son was born, our surrogate told me that her heart was full. Now, mine is too.

Sarah Intended Parent

They are an amazing agency that is completely supportive of the surrogate and all her needs. Their matching process is very thorough and they strive to make your experience wonderful and amazing.

Jamie B Surrogate

The people at Building Families made every step of the way stress-free and comfortable. They are truly here to help build families.

Shannon S Surrogate

I had the pleasure of being a surrogate not once but twice with BFI. Carol and the whole staff at BFI are there for you from day one and once you're part of the family you're always part of the family. Amazing people who truly care about what they are doing.

Michele R Surrogate

They are constantly making sure not only the intended families are okay with each step of the process but they really take care of their surrogates...They take their time matching families and surrogates to make sure the process is seamless and memorable in a positive way.

Melissa R Surrogate

I was a surrogate twice with Building Families! I started my journey with them 6 years ago. They are amazing. I went from a not so good surrogate situation to a wonderful family-like environment. I knew they were there for me throughout my entire pregnancy and after.

Elaina C Surrogate

Every person dealt with makes you feel so amazing, and are always there to help and answer any questions or concerns you may have!

Jeri S Surrogate