The psychological team provides the comprehensive initial evaluation of the Surrogate, her husband/partner and the Intended Parents. Building Families, Inc. believes that the psychological component of the Program is as essential as the medical component. The Psychologist, through oral and written examination, determines if each party has the coping skills and ability to manage through a Surrogacy Arrangement.

The initial psychological evaluation includes administering a personality inventory and a clinical interview performed by Dr. Natasha or  Dr. Radojevic.Their training and seasoned experience in the field of psychology and mind-body connection make them experts in diagnostic evaluations and enable them to detect certain appropriate characteristics that will be illuminated through the psychological test and the clinical interview process.

Group counseling is also provided to all Surrogates on a monthly basis. In addition, Dr. Natasha maintains regular contact via phone with the Surrogates and the Intended Parents when necessary or requested. By being continuously involved, Dr. Natasha is able to assist not only in the current needs of the Surrogate and her Couple, but also to recognize and defuse any potential future problem.

Dr. Radojevic and Dr. Natasha share the belief that the surrogacy process affects not only the Surrogate, but her husband/partner and children; as well as naturally having an anxiety building effect on the Intended Parents. Due to this belief, support and counseling is offered for every party involved.