Dee’s Surrogacy Story

Congratulations to the ever-glowing GC, Dee on another successful surrogacy! With her infectious smile and positive disposition, it’s easy to see why her Intended Parents love her. When asked for one word to describe her relationship with her IPs she said, ‘fantastic!’
Their excitement fueled her own leading up to delivery day. On Friday, November 24, 2023 she delivered a perfect baby girl into the waiting arms of her daddies! She said that having them in the delivery room was a wonderful experience. She said they kept her laughing with their questions and curiosities of everything. As one can imagine, they are beyond grateful for Dee’s role in their journey and Dee credits them as her biggest supporters!
It is truly so rewarding for us to watch these journeys unfold and see the bonds built between each couple and surrogate! Congratulations all around!!