Kristina’s Surrogacy Story

Reality Check

I’m not sure of the moment Kristina realized what an incredible gift she had given her couple. Throughout the pregnancy, she was very modest about the praise and even somewhat embarrassed. She was matter-of-fact and often stated that she was “just” helping her Couple in a way that she knew how to and could. I smiled to myself after many of these conversations with her, because I knew the magnitude of this special gift would occur to her sooner or later.

When I saw Kristina after her release from the hospital, I knew the realization had hit her. She and her husband were speechless. She didn’t have any matter-of-fact statements to make, not one. Only two words did she say in our first few moments together. “Thank you.” Her husband said the same thing and we just hugged and cried. They later told me how their experience changed their lives and somehow everything in the world seemed brighter.

Hannah was born on February 4 weighing 7lb 12oz and was awaited by her Mom, Dad and big sister. Then the following day it seemed as if the whole world came to see Hannah. There were so many people at the Del Mar Inn and they all traveled to California just to see this precious child. I am sure her popularity continues in Kansas.