1999 Carol’s Corner

Miracles happen to those who believe….I believe!

Recently, at an embryo transfer, the mom-to-be said to me that she found the entire experience to be spiritual. It seemed quite fitting that the lights were dimmed and that a hush fell over the room when the embryologist walked into the room pushing the incubator carrying their embryos.

The embryologist motions for us to come see the embryos before they are transferred into the surrogate mom. I peer through the microscope too, seeing what looks like nothing more than a cluster of tiny bubbles blown from a child’s toy. We have witnessed the first of many miracles to come.

In a few weeks, we will begin the ultrasounds and watch the growth of one or two of those embryos. Then when the surrogate mom delivers their baby, I can’t help but think back to those tiny bubbles I saw 9 months ago, and marvel at this miracle.