Angelique’s Surrogacy Story

“I Love Lucy”

Twins were nothing new for Angelique as she had 8 year-old twins at home. So fortunately for her Couple, not only was Angelique prepared for a twin pregnancy but she had a lot of knowledge to pass on to them about raising twins. Lucky them!!

Angelique drove to Orange County from San Diego nearly every week for the first three months for visits with the infertility physician, Dr. Hatch, and then “Mom” drove to San Diego for all of the OB visits. What dedication!

The delivery was to be a scheduled C-Section as this was Angelique’s history. Since Angelique had never had her water break prior to delivery, Mom & Dad were confident of the date their boys would arrive. So confident, that they never packed a bag or made any other early preparations. Then, of course, in the middle of the night Angelique calls and calmly explains that the oddest thing happened?..Her water broke!

Mom is an avid fan of the “I Love Lucy Show” and she suddenly felt like she was Lucy in one of her zaniest episodes ever. She leaps out of bed, bounces off the wall and falls back into bed again. Dad, aka “Ricky”, calmly goes to the kitchen to start some coffee and prepare for the trip. Mom, aka “Lucy” is throwing clothes into a suitcase without noticing that she only packed tops and no bottoms! She rushes through the house frantically looking for Dad only to find him still in the kitchen. She grabs him, he grabs the coffee and they rush out the door. When they finally get in the car, she can’t believe that only 15 minutes had passed since the phone call!

They arrived to Sharp Mary Birch within 45 minutes (clearly there were no cops out that night!) only to find that Angelique hadn’t even arrived yet! But, she arrived shortly after, as did their sons. So, in the early morning hours of December 4, Joshua was born weighing in at 6lb 1oz and his little brother Justin weighed in at 5lb 14oz. Congratulations!!