Tara’s Surrogacy Story

Our 100th Baby Is An International Star!!

In February 1999, a news program from Spain, “DOCUMENTO TVE”, traveled to California to interview Dr. Garzo and our Program. During the filming, we were awaiting Tara’s pregnancy test results. It was exciting and stressful at the same time. The news program announced this to their viewers and then at the end of the broadcast they were able to tell them that it was positive!

Tara and her husband, Jay, were wonderfully supportive of the program’s participation in the TV interview and were a beautiful representation of who the Surrogate Families truly are. Little did they know that their media exposure had just begun.

The pregnancy went along wonderfully with Mom & Dad traveling frequently to visit their Surrogate Family and to attend some OB appointments. We all had a great time at each of their visits. Then as we came close to the end, Mom & Dad arrived for their last trip to await the birth of their son. After several appointments, it was obvious this little guy wasn’t going to arrive on his own. He was much too comfortable. Dr. Reading even tried to convince him to come out by speaking to/through Tara’s tummy and telling him that Halloween was coming and if he didn’t come out then he would miss out on the Halloween candy. That may be why he decided to stay put until after Halloween because he knew he wouldn’t get any candy unless he did stay in Tara’s tummy! So, finally on November 3, Tara gave him his 24-hr eviction notice and the next day, we arrived at the hospital for an inducement.

After a short wait, the moment Mom & Dad had been dreaming of arrived. Quinton was born and was greeted by his parents, grandparents and nearly all of his Surrogate Family, as there were more people there than I could count. He weighed in at a perfect 8lb 1oz.

As I mentioned earlier, their media exposure began at his conception (literally) and was re-visited soon after his birth. The day after Tara and Quinton were released from the hospital, they and their families posed for the cover of O.C. Family Magazine and were the Featured Article in the February 2000 issue. It was a beautiful article. The readers of O.C. Family Magazine were very fortunate to have shared in these precious moments.

Then Quinton went home to find a life-sized cardboard picture of John Wayne waiting for him along with a fully decorated Cowboy themed nursery. What a lucky boy!

P.S. Their story doesn’t end here. Guess who is expecting a baby brother or sister? That’s right! Tara is expecting for her Couple and Quinton and they are due in April! Congratulations and best wishes on the next arrival!