Melissa’s Birth Story

Vasa Previa. This is a term that BFI had never heard of in all of its 28+ years. When you have as many pregnancies as we have, you are bound to encounter things that are considered rare. Melissa’s case would be the one that would teach us about this. And we learned a lot! But the best or most important thing we learned from Melissa and her Couple was perseverance.

There aren’t enough words to describe these 3 people. Committed, faithful, devoted and engaged are just a few. Melissa was committed to keeping baby safe and healthy until she was able to put her into her parent’s arms. In the end, which is what wraps up a surrogacy story, a beautiful and healthy baby girl was born weighing a petite 4lb 9oz on December 5, 2019. She, too, was committed and fought to be born. We can hardly wait to see who she will become!!!