What’s FaceTime?

One goal we have here at Building Families is to help the Surrogate Mom and her Couple stay connected throughout the entire process without breaking the bank.  It is impossible for most to call as often as they would like as the international rates are outrageous.  But fortunately, in this day and age there are so many other avenues of communication.

Just the other day, we welcomed a new Surrogate Mom to the Program and asked her if she was willing to help an international Couple have the family of their dreams.  Carol began to explain how she can stay connected with Skype and our new little Surrogate Mom said, “And we can use Facetime, too!”  Carol smiled and said, “What’s Facetime?”  We laughed and then we told her all about it.  We also talked about other free apps like Viber and WhatsApp.  Clearly this new gal is super familiar with the latest technology.  Now, we just need to bring Carol up to speed! – Breann