Building Families, Inc. Staff tour Saddleback Memorial Hospital

Building Families Staff took a tour of Saddleback Memorial Hospital last week. Amy, Development Officer for Saddleback Memorial Foundation & Mary, Manager for Women’s and Children’s Services, were generous with their time and gave us a tour of the Women’s Hospital.

Improvements at the Women’s hospital will range from new furniture, enhanced security systems, new flooring & paint (colors selected for their healing aspects), state-of-the-art technology that will provide comfort and safety for the expectant mothers and families. The hospital will incorporate design elements that will reduce stress, promote healing and influence well-being …overall improving patient care.

They were excited to tell us about the classes that are being offered now and more that will be coming soon. Here is the list:

  • Increased Patient Education
  • Infant Safety & CPR
  • Infant Safety & CPR for Grandparents
  • Lessons on DVD
  • Birthing Classes
  • Hospital Tours for Intended Parents
  • C-Section information for Intended Parents

The hospital’s awareness of the increased demand in surrogacy has prompted them to expand parts of their facilities to “make” room for the Intended Parents. They currently have plans to renovate one of the hospital rooms in the postpartum unit into a bonding room. The new parents will be able to stay there with their new baby/ies and receive round the clock nursing care for their new infant(s). The Surrogate Mom will be down the hall in her own room, but due to the close proximity of the rooms, they can visit all of the time!

“We got a sneak-peak of a room that has been renovated. The improvements are amazing! When you walk down this new hall and enter the room, you feel like you have just checked in to a fancy hotel, but one with all the comforts of home. We can hardly wait until the renovations are done.”

The best part of this improvement project is that Saddleback Memorial is not only addressing the visual aspects of the hospital, but the technological advances they are making will put them at the forefront of the hospital industry in general and also for the Surrogate Mothers and their Couples.

We’d like to thank Amy and Mary at Saddleback Hospital for taking the time to give us a tour.

Saddleback Memorial Foundation Executive Summary

Designed for Healing – Rebirth of the Women’s Hospital

Saddleback Memorial Foundation is partnering with the community to raise money for the “rebirth” of the Women’s Hospital of Saddleback Memorial Medical Center. In 1988 the Women’s Hospital was the first of its kind to open in Orange County, featuring private rooms designed for labor, delivery, recovery & post-partum. The 23 year old facility is now in need of enhancements to provide a greater birthing and healing environment for mothers, babies and their families.

To learn more about the Hospital and the Foundation, please click on the links below:
Improvement Information Packet