Christmas Miracle

I have to tell you about something incredible, something truly amazing.  My blog today is a prologue to Amanda’s birth story.  Amanda’s story begins as it has for many Surrogate Mothers.  She was fortunate enough to become pregnant on her first IVF attempt and all seemed to be going along just beautifully.  Then suddenly in her 5th month of pregnancy the doctor noticed the amniotic fluid was decreasing significantly which is not good for the baby.  Week after week, the status didn’t change.  The water level just wouldn’t go up.  Finally, as we were getting near the end of November, the doctor said we needed to make plans for a premature delivery in mid to late December even though the baby wasn’t due until February.  And by December 1, Amanda was confined to bed in the hospital and we were told that the birth would occur sometime that month.  The parents made their travel plans to arrive by mid-December.  But, I had a strange feeling.  I call it strange because it was just the opposite of what the doctors were saying.  Deep in my heart I knew this baby girl was not going to arrive in December and I truly believed she would be just fine.  Obviously there was no information to support my feelings, so I knew it was my faith in God that was guiding me.  I told the Couple that I truly believed their baby was not coming in December but of course we should prepare as the doctor says.  They made their arrangements to arrive on December 23rd as the doctor said that since there has been no improvement, delivery would occur on December 30th at the latest.  Ready for the Christmas Miracle?  Early in the week before Christmas, Amanda had an ultrasound, the same type of ultrasound she had been having every week for months.  Except this time, the technician could not find anything irregular.  She reviewed the chart to ensure she was seeing the right patient, the one whose water was supposed to be low and who was at serious risk for a premature delivery.  She measured the fluid and measured the baby quite thoroughly.  And she reported that everything was normal.  Literally, the complication that had occurred fully reversed itself.  So, that day Amanda was released from the hospital as there was no indication for her to be there.  And still to this moment, the pregnancy continues normally and the little baby girl is measuring perfectly and doing somersaults in Amanda’s tummy that is once again full of water.  They say that miracles happen to those who believe.  I have always been a believer.  How about you?