Puppy Love

Hello All,

It is unbelievable how busy we were this first week of 2010.  But all good stuff, though.  We went through a major electronics overhaul in December.  My little Acer was a work horse, but in the end it couldn’t handle the demands I put on it.  So in addition to our becoming a paperless office, I had to get a new computer.  It is always fun to get a new computer….at first!  Then you realize the work involved to get the new one up to speed.  But I must say, I love Windows 7!

Now to more important things.  Surrogacy!  My life and passion.  Well, I do have a funny story.  Brianna had her embryo transfer on New Year’s Eve.  Poor thing!  But she was quite the trooper to miss out on the celebrations with her family.  Well, as we were quietly waiting for the doctor to do the transfer, I closed my eyes and was thinking about this tremendous event and suddenly Donny Osmond’s voice starts singing “Puppy Love”.  I didn’t even notice that there was a radio in the room and until that moment, didn’t realize it was even on.  I leaned over to Brianna and asked her if she could hear the radio and we both cracked up.  What a great story it would be for the parents to tell their child that Brianna got pregnant for them while listening to Donny Osmond!  I don’t know if kids today know who he is…much less if they will!!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for them!

We have been so lucky to find some new Surrogate Moms.  Just offering to do this, makes them the best people on this planet.  Huge thanks to all of the Surrogate Mothers who give so selflessly.

Okay, that’s my blog for this week.  Have a wonderful weekend and blessings to all.  May we have a beautiful New Year!

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