Carrie’s Surrogacy Story

Hospital Food, Yum!

Long ago (1997) and in a land far away (San Diego), Lady Carrie brought limitless joy to a very special Couple when she delivered their baby girl, Brielle. Sound like a fairy tale? Well it wasn’t. It was a beautiful and true story. Carrie had such a wonderful experience that she said she would call me again one day to help another Couple in this special way. After a few years, she did indeed call and she went on to have another fairy tale surrogacy experience with a lot of comedy. Those who know Carrie, know that she has quite a comedic side to her.

It was a funny discovery when we realized that Carrie’s Couple were serious when they told us that they loved hospital food. We were frequent diners at Pomerado Hospital after Carrie’s OB visits. Near the end of the pregnancy, Carrie had a dream that her Couple were in the hospital cafeteria when she delivered their baby. We were sure this wouldn’t happen as the Couple arrived to the hospital before labor had even begun. As dinnertime approached, Carrie was dilated to only 4cm and she was about to get her epidural, so it seemed like a safe time to go to the cafeteria. Well, shortly after her epidural, Carrie began to feel pressure. The nurse was sure it was too soon, but quickly discovered that the birth was imminent. Carrie grabbed her mother by her collar, pulled her close and said, “Go get my Couple from the cafeteria. Their baby is coming NOW!” Her mom rushed out of the room and found them right away. They all made it back in time for Kalani Sylvia’s grand entrance. As did Kalani’s grandparents, aunts, cousins and extended surrogate family. Whew!

I was so moved by a story about these new parents and their baby that I wanted to share it with you here. At Kalani’s first visit at the pediatrician’s office, the nurse asked the new Mom, “What is your daughter’s name?” She paused for a moment and looked at her husband with tears in her eyes and said, “Honey, did you hear that? She wants to know our daughter’s name!” It was at that moment that they realized this little girl was theirs forever.