Jackie’s Surrogacy Story

Jackie first came into the program in 1999 with the high hopes of helping a couple achieve their dream of parenthood. Success would not come for this unfortunate Couple and after a year of attempts, it was clear that this would not happen. Jackie’s commitment and dedication throughout that year was incredible so it did not surprise me when she decided to continue her dream of becoming a Surrogate Mother. I will share with you some of her words about her journey.

Let the Journey Begin……I received the call from Carol, saying that she found the perfect Couple for me. I was very excited and could not wait to get their profile. When I received their picture, I instantly thought what great parents they would be. I was so excited to contact them via e-mail, and I was overjoyed when I received their first letter. They seemed to be as happy as I. When they arrived from Spain, I was very nervous. I didn’t know what I was going to say to them or how I was going to react to them being here in person. It was clearly evident that after the first five minutes at my house, they were comfortable enough to kick off their shoes and curl up on the couch. Ruth and Angel touched a place in my heart that I thought would take months to reach. And, they were so wonderful with my children, Taylor and Tyler, I knew that they would be wonderful parents. After that first night, they were no longer thought of as “My Couple”, they were referred to as part of our family.

The Phone Call…… Ring… Ring…. As I heard the phone ring, my heart skipped a little beat. At first I thought it was the pregnancy test results, but then I looked at the clock and realized it was too early. As I picked up the phone and said hello, there was a brief moment of silence. Then I heard Carol and she was crying. I braced myself. I knew the news could not have been good. I started to reassure her that I was going to be fine and I was all right. Then she says, “It’s not that, you’re pregnant!” Instantly, I thought I had not heard her correctly. I said, “You’re lying. You’re lying.” After reassuring me that the test was positive, I had to sit down and breathe. I always thought I would scream and jump when I got the positive results, but all I could think of was how happy Ruth and Angel would be. I started to cry tears of happiness. I never thought I would hear those words. It has been a long journey for me, but I have finally arrived. Now, if I could just remember how to breathe Lamaze style.

Jackie, her family and her Couple all participated in a television program for Spain that documented their story. It beautifully described the surrogacy process and the relationship that develops between each family. Baby Angel was nearly 10 days late in making his arrival, so he almost missed his opportunity for his first television debut. But Baby Angel had a special date in mind for his birth….Father’s Day!! So on June 17, 2001 Jackie’s dream as well as her Couple’s dreams came true when Baby Angel was born weighing 8lb 9oz.