Rochelle’s Surrogacy Story

Twin Trek

Even before the pregnancy test was positive, Rochelle knew she was not only pregnant, but was sure it was twins. Her pregnancy test results indicated that there might be twins, but she was sure of it. And she was right!! (Hey Rochelle, any ideas on the lotto numbers for next week??) There was a brief time when the doctors weren’t certain that Baby “B” would continue to thrive. Rochelle knew otherwise and she went on to prove herself right again.

The pregnancy seemed to fly by. Before we knew it, we were in the last trimester and were amazed at how incredibly well Rochelle had been carrying this pregnancy. It was surely due to the wonderful support she received from her husband, kids and her mother. The entire experience felt like a family event.

As we approached the final month, Rochelle was ready for the twin trek to be over. She didn’t think it would be possible to go beyond her 36th week. There couldn’t possibly be anymore room for these girls to grow, right? For the first time in this pregnancy, she was wrong. The girls were happy to stay in for 3 more weeks! But finally, on June 29, 2001, it was time to deliver and no one was more relieved than Rochelle and no one was happier than Sally & Grace’s parents and their big brother, Alex. Sally weighed exactly 7lb and her little sister, Grace, came in weighing 5lb 12oz.