Tracy’s Surrogacy Story


Tracy’s second surrogacy experience took on a new twist. Both she and the Intended Mom (“D”) received embryos and both became pregnant! So, Tracy would deliver the baby girl they always dreamed of and “D” would deliver the son they always hoped to have. Twins?? Well, sort of! Some would ask why did this Couple seek out surrogacy when they could have a baby. Well, this attempt came after many, many years of infertility. They had given up hope and went to see Dr. Garzo because of his extensive experience with IVF Surrogacy. He tried to convince them to give him an opportunity to help them before trying surrogacy, but so many years had passed without success, they just couldn’t agree. So a compromise was made.

Tracy and “D” had a wonderful time sharing their experiences and attending each other’s appointments. Tracy’s support throughout “D”s pregnancy was astounding. The underlying concern felt by all was the idea of them delivering at the same time and not being able to support each other through labor and delivery. But as fate would have it, “D” delivered a month early on June 23, 2000, exactly 3 weeks before Tracy did. Spencer weighed in at a very healthy 6lb 3oz. Of course, the thought of the baby weighing over 6 pounds at a month early, brought some concern (fear, really) as we wondered how big the baby girl Tracy was carrying would be. But it was a girl, aren’t they usually more petite?? Well, on July 14, 2000, 3 weeks after Spencer made his arrival, his baby sister arrived weighing exactly 3 pounds more! Emily weighed a whopping 9lb 3oz!!

Fortunately “D” had recovered from her C-Section and was able to attend Tracy’s delivery along with Emily’s Daddy and her big (older) brother, Spencer. Tracy had some extra support in the delivery as her daughter, Kaitlin, was in attendance. It was amazing how attentive she was to her Mom throughout her labor and delivery. For a moment I thought she was going to assist Dr. Blake in the delivery! When it was all over, I asked this 6-year-old what she thought of the birth experience. She announced without hesitation, “It’s fine, but I’m not having a baby until I’m 94 years old!” Hey, Dr. Garzo, this would be a pregnancy for the medical journals!

Congratulations to everyone and extra kudos to Tracy for making this experience doubly wonderful for her Couple.