Melissa’s Surrogacy Story

Marathon Day Starts Labor

I often hear about the bonding between the Surrogate and her family and her Couple. The relationship that is formed is more special than I can explain. Those of you who have gone through this know what I mean. Melissa explained it when she said, “I never thought it was possible to bond with someone so quickly and so permanently. We can’t imagine our lives without them now.”

The Surrogate Moms come forward to help someone and don’t realize how much they will get in return. The rewards are lifetime and overwhelmingly beautiful. Melissa’s husband, Dennis, told me he gets goosebumps whenever he thinks about their experience. It was so incredible!

Since Melissa’s Couple were not local, they too arrived in plenty of time for the birth of their baby. Amanda, Melissa’s daughter, was sure it was their marathon day that brought labor on. They started the day with a trip to the Wild Animal Park, then went on to play miniature golf only making a quick stop at the Dairy Queen in between. So, in the wee hours of the morning, Melissa’s water broke. Labor didn’t start right away, so she thought she would let her Couple rest a bit longer before calling them. Finally, she decided it was time and she called them. She told them to relax as labor still hadn’t really begun and that she and Dennis would drive over and pick them up so they could go to the hospital together. Within 5 minutes they were by the door waiting. Unfortunately, the 15 Freeway had other plans for them. There was a huge traffic jam and in the middle of that, Melissa’s labor began!

The Couple were getting anxious because Melissa hadn’t arrived yet. Finally she did and they rushed to the hospital, taking side streets only! They arrived in plenty of time before Marta made her entrance. Marta was born on June 12, 2000 and was greeted by her new parents and most if not all of Melissa’s family. Marta weighed in at a perfect 6lb 8oz. Congratulations!