Angie’s Surrogacy Story

Wonder Woman

When I first met Angie and Vic and their kids, I was impressed. They were a genuinely happy family and they wanted very much to give someone else the opportunity to experience the type of joy that comes from being a family. Vic was so obviously proud of his wife for her desire to help a couple in this special way and proud to be a part of the whole thing. Unfortunately, shortly after we got underway, his military obligations took him away for almost all of the surrogacy experience. We sure missed you Vic!

I was a bit concerned when I learned that Vic would be gone for a year. My worry was for Angie to suddenly become a single mom of three boys and have a surrogate pregnancy to contend with as well. Not to mention the Cheerleading programs she headed for the teenage girls in her community. Well my concerns quickly vanished, as she proved to be a champ. Her dedication to her family, to her Couple and to the program never wavered. She kept me in amazement and awe right down to the day of delivery.

Once her Couple arrived to California, we all went to a baby shower for the “Mom”. I got pulled over for speeding. (I know this is hard for everyone to believe, but yes it’s true.) And here was Angie trying to talk the officer out of giving me a ticket. I looked over at this nearly 9-month pregnant woman and she was worried about me! I got tears in my eyes as I wondered if there was any limit to this woman’s caring nature. I think she thought I was upset about the ticket but I quickly assured her it was no big deal. I don’t think I ever told her about my feelings that day because as life is, we quickly moved on to the next thing. But the moment was stored in my memory bank until I would write about it one day.

Then on May 7, 2000 Angie delivered a beautiful baby girl whose parents named Amanda. She weighed in at 7lb 6oz. Way to go, Angie!!