Marcy’s Surrogacy Story

Just In Time

Every year I have a story or two about the Couple arriving for the birth of their baby/ies with little time to spare. This one definitely qualifies. The couple were not too surprised by my call, fortunately, and were able to organize themselves and her parents (new grandparents-to-be) for the next flight out of Europe to San Diego.

Their flight was due to arrive a few minutes before 5:00pm, the peak of traffic time! Fortunately, Shelly knew a back way from the airport to Grossmont Hospital. Unfortunately, they only spoke Spanish and desperately wanted to know how Marcy was and if the delivery had occurred. Shelly managed between some Spanish words and some sign language (I’m sure) to ease their worry. They arrived a few minutes before Marcy was taken back for her C-Section which was enough time for them to feel her tummy and feel their babies moving around.

This was the first C-Section for Marcy and her husband, George. George seemed a bit nervous about going in for the surgery. I gave George my camera and told him to take some pictures if he felt up to it. I was amazed (as was my film developer!) at the pictures George took. He was a natural!

While they were in there having a good time, (obvious from the pictures we saw!) we, patiently (ok, impatiently), waited outside the Operating Room doors for Dr. Goicoechea to come out and tell us how everything went. Finally he and George, came out to share the news that Jonathan and Kevin were born and weighed 5lb 4oz and 4lb 14oz, respectively.