Ericka’s Surrogacy Story

Smooth Sailing

Ericka’s surrogacy experience began like a boat rushing down a waterfall then settling into calm waters. She came into the program, met her couple and was pregnant within a month. Amazing!

With a foreign couple and a language barrier, you would think that a relationship was impossible. But Ericka and her husband, Keith, and their son, made it look so easy. The extra efforts that were made to share the pregnancy with the Couple meant so much to them. They were happy when they finally arrived to California, so they could see Ericka everyday. They especially enjoyed the day that Ericka took them to the Babies R Us Store. They spent 4 hours in the store walking through every single aisle. I was surprised that all of that walking didn’t induce labor!

An unexpected turn of events, literally, made it necessary for Ericka to have a C-Section. The baby was breech and all of the doctor’s efforts couldn’t turn her around. But they were all together shortly after delivery in Ericka’s room. The moment they walked in with their baby, the room suddenly became brighter. These new parents were just glowing. No words were spoken for a while, only tears of happiness were shared by all. Then I began translating the words that were so important for each of them to say to one another. It was such a beautiful moment.

The little person that bonded these people forever was born on August 29, 2000, weighing 7lb 9oz. Her parents named her Irene. Congratulations.