Juliette’s Surrogacy Story

Great Gifts Come in Small Packages

Who says great gifts don’t come in small packages? I know two people who would disagree; the proud parents of GiGi Marie and Jacob. GiGi Marie was the chunkier one at 3lb 15oz and her younger brother (by half an hour!) Jacob was a little smaller at 3lb 6oz. Here’s their story: Early in the morning, Kim and I got a page, but we didn’t immediately recognize the telephone number. We first called Mischa as she was due to deliver any day, but it wasn’t her. Puzzled, Kim and I knew it couldn’t be Juliette as her due date was not until July?..but it was! You can imagine our disbelief when she told us her water had broken. Incredibly, Juliette and the babies waited until the parents arrived to the hospital and even gave them a few hours of rest before they were born early the next morning on May 21, 1999. The NICU was so pleased with their condition which was clearly a reflection of the great care Juliette had been giving them. At only two weeks old, the twins have a frequent flyer card as they were flown to a hospital nearer to their home. Congratulations!!