Deena’s Surrogacy Story

Baby Makes Call on Mom’s Cellphone

After an unexpected C-Section delivery, Deena was surprised again to hear that Bennett had made his first cellphone call within the first half-hour of his life! His mom called his grandparents on the East Coast and they wanted to hear their grandson, so Mom put the phone next to him. It was a like a script, he cried on cue!

And, boy, could he cry! During the surgery, Deena asked me to tell her the moment he was born so she could listen for his cry and know that he was okay, but I didn’t have to say a word. The moment Bennett was born he belted out an incredibly loud cry. We were sure everyone in that wing of the hospital knew he had arrived.

And, my oh my, was this boy big. After the doctors and nurses made their weight predictions of about 6 lbs, he made his entrance weighing 8lb 8oz!!

Where were you hiding him, Deena?? Way to go!!