Carol B’s Surrogacy Story

Surrogate Mom wins Gold Medal

Well, not really, but Carol B. would have won a gold medal if there was a pregnancy race that had hurdles every 10 feet! On April 1, Carol B. calls Kim and announces that her water broke and off they go to the hospital. I am in Texas, her couple are in Spain and we are all frantically trying to get to Southern California. Incredibly, the doctor decides that they will stop her labor and see if she can hang on to the pregnancy for a while longer to give the twins? lungs some more time to mature. After 16 days of hospital confined bedrest, the doctor walks in and without saying a word, she hands Carol B. a note. The note read that the babies? lungs were mature and she could now deliver. So that afternoon, Alvaro and Ignacio, were born. Just outside of the delivery room, their big brother and their aunt eagerly awaited their arrival. If Carol could have seen her couple’s faces when they walked out of the Operating Room holding their babies, she would have realized at that moment that she did win the Gold Medal after all.