Sandy’s Surrogacy Story

Hospital Waiting Room Exceeds Capacity

When I arrived to the hospital, I was amazed by the amount of people that had come to Sandy’s delivery. It was obvious that this baby girl Sandy was carrying had a large family eagerly awaiting her delivery. I saw Grandma, whom I saw regularly at Sandy’s OB appointments, and I met the aunts, cousins and family friends. Sandy looked great as she comfortably sat in her bed making conversation with all of us. Since Sandy was so comfortable, the extended family felt safe to leave so they went out to eat. Then almost suddenly everything changed. We tried to reach them on their cell phone, to no avail. This baby was coming and she was coming fast. Then our wonderful, Dr. Cantu, asked Mom if she wanted to help deliver her baby. Scrubs were ordered for Mom, but Sandy couldn’t hold on much longer. So, the nurse took off her own scrubs and gave them to her. Then only moments later, Mom was holding her baby girl as she took her first breath. Incredible!! Nicolette was born on April 3, 1999 and she weighed an even 7 pounds. I am very interested to know if Nicolette will be a shy girl as she seemed to wait until only her parents, myself and Sandy’s husband, Jeff were present before she made her entrance. Hmmm??