Monica’s Surrogacy Story

Rental Car Races to Hospital

After a basic text-book pregnancy, it came as a surprise that Monica’s labor and delivery resembled a book written by George Lucas or Stephen Spielberg. It was an action packed night! It began shortly after midnight with a phone call from Monica saying she thought she was in labor and ended slightly more than an hour later when she delivered!! Her husband, Lennie, remained calm and collected as he ushered Monica into their couple’s rental car. The couple jumped into the backseat and Lennie sped off into the night. He put his flying license to good use that night as he sped faster and faster as each contraction became harder and harder. No one, not even Monica, knew the birth was only minutes away. Within moments of arriving to the hospital, Gerard arrived. His mother is overwhelmed by the whole experience and a nurse helps her to a chair and gets her some water. I finally get there and first see the new mom, sitting in a chair by herself outside of the delivery room, crying. I rushed over to her to see what was wrong. “Nothing is wrong, everything is perfect”, “I have a son and he is so beautiful!” I was puzzled as to why she was out here if all was perfect. She replied, “Have you ever had a dream come true and have your prayers answered? Well, I just did. I was fine until the moment he was born. When I saw him, the most overwhelming feeling I have ever felt in my life came over me. I had to sit down and the tears started flowing. I am happier than I ever thought I could be.” What an incredible moment, that may have been missed if they weren’t all together when Monica’s labor began. Wow!!