Christina’s Surrogacy Story

A Star Is Born

Chris brought lots of pink joy to her couple’s lives when Gabriella was born on January 18, 1999 and the little princess weighed 7 lbs 8oz!

Chris, her husband John and their daughters Brooke and Nicole are a team. Chris’s family supported her and participated in helping two couples realize their dream of parenthood. As many know, boy babies have far outnumber our baby girls, but interestingly, Chris had girls both times!! One day when shopping in a grocery store, a fellow shopper asked Chris’s girls if their mommy was having a baby boy. “Oh no!” they exclaimed, “My mommy only knows how to make girl babies!” So, on January 18, 1999, Gabriella was born, proving Brooke and Nicole right! No one would have guessed her to be as big as she was, 7lb 8oz! Their story doesn’t end here.

Gabriella, her parents and her surrogate family became international stars when they were featured on Building Families Through Surrogacy’s television interview with a prominent news program in Spain. Gabriella was quite the star!!