1998 Carol’s Corner

It has been a while since my last update to “Carol’s Corner”, but as you can imagine after reading this issue, Kim & I have been left with little spare time. But we’re not complaining, it’s been an incredible year!

We have continued to have great success. Dr. Garzo, Dr. Meldrum and their staff have been instrumental in the successful birth stories you will read about in this issue. The care our surrogate moms and their couples receive from them is incredible and is very much appreciated.

In February, a television crew from the most prominent news program in Spain came to California to interview Building Families and Dr. Gabriel Garzo in La Jolla. The experience was unbelievable. When the producer explained to me that their goal was to describe what Surrogacy was about to the people in Spain, I was hesitant. Surrogacy is an experience, a beautiful experience, and I was not certain that this could be explained or even understood. I was wrong. When the interviews began and each surrogate mom began to explain what Surrogacy meant to them, it was clear to me that the message couldn’t get lost or even be misunderstood. As Gabriella’s parents detailed their road to and through Surrogacy, we were all moved by the impact Chris and her family had on this couple. Each interview brought another dimension of understanding until finally the amazing reality of what Surrogacy is all about came bursting through.

Thank you is not sufficient enough to express my gratitude to those who participated in the interview. You opened your hearts and shared your experiences to help people you didn’t even know. Actually, this is another fine example of the kind of people our surrogate moms are. My warmest thanks to Tara & Jay, Juliette, Chris, John, Nicole & Brooke, Dr. Radojevic, Kevin Mahan and Dr. Garzo and his staff. My heartfelt appreciation to Kim for your participation and constant support of our mission here at Building Families Through Surrogacy, Inc.

I wish to thank Marina and Lola, the producer and host of “Documentos TV” and their cameraman, Kris and lighting tech, Brandon for treating everyone with so much care and respect. I will forever be grateful for this incredible experience!