Tracy’s Surrogacy Story

No Time to Spare

Tracy gave her couple 2 more reasons to be thankful at Thanksgiving! Guillem weighing 4 lbs 5oz and Xavier weighing 5 lbs 11 oz born on November 11, 1998!

You can just imagine how many close calls we have. It is even more difficult, when the couple live in another country, to try and coordinate everyone arriving in time. Tracy’s delivery on November 11, 1998 was definitely one for the record books. When her labor began, a couple weeks before the parents were due to arrive, I called and they had just gone to bed for the night. They were panicked, as they couldn’t get an international flight until morning! Their flight was due in at 4:30pm in San Diego, so Kim went to meet them as things seemed calm at the hospital.

I was on my way back from Los Angeles, stuck in traffic, when all this is going on. Suddenly, I get a page from Tracy’s husband, Mark, that Dr. Blake has decided a C-Section is necessary and they will begin preparing her for surgery soon. As they are wheeling her into the operating room, Tracy’s couple arrive. They hadn’t slept in over 24 hours, but you wouldn’t know it by their excitement. Tracy arranges for Mom to be in the operating room with her and Mark so she can witness the birth of her children. Dad and Kim are in an adjoined viewing room anxiously awaiting the birth. Moments before they are born, I walk through the door. As I look through the window, the doctor is handing Mom her first son. She first shows Tracy her new son, Xavier, then brings him to the window for us to see. Dad’s eyes well up with tears. Then Guillem was born shortly after and the nurse helps Mom show him off too. It was certain that these new parents were exhausted and we wondered how they managed to function, but I guess as parents we just do. These cuties weighed in at 5lb 11oz and 4lb 5oz, respectively. We introduced Thanksgiving to Tracy’s couple as we spent this holiday together.

This holiday took on a whole new meaning for us all that year!