Mischa’s Surrogacy Story

Touched By an Angel

There were far less surprises in Mischa’s journey, but it was no less incredible, believe me. Mischa’s life, along with the pregnancy, remained uncomplicated. Every milestone was met or surpassed along the way and when she told her couple they were having a girl, all was wonderful with the world. They were thrilled to tell their son, Etai, that he had a baby sister on the way. You must understand that Mischa is a woman with direction, you may even say she is a No-Nonsense kind of gal. Her matter-of-fact attitude often amazed the other women in the support group. So it would seem that there were few things Mischa wasn’t prepared for??but she couldn’t anticipate what was to come on May 23, 1999. Her story can be summed up in the following statement she made and with the beautiful poem her experience inspired her to write which is printed in the “Special Thoughts” column. When Mischa said, “This was the most incredible experience of my life” you knew it was true. You could see it in her face and hear it in her trembling voice. She was touched so deeply when she heard the mother sobbing softly and she saw her face streaming with tears as Yael, a sweet little angel, was born. The affect was more than she ever realized it would be. Mischa, you have inspired us all! Congratulations on bringing your couple 7lb 6oz of pure joy!