Lauri-Anne’s Surrogacy Story

Lauri-Anne is a successful surrogate-AGAIN! On August 18, 2022 she made another couple’s dreams come true when together they welcomed a 10lbs 3oz baby boy. No folks, that is not a typo, Lauri-Anne’s surrobabe was over ten pounds! What a trooper she is!

The most amazing part about this journey for Lauri-Anne was the relationship she built with her Intended Parents. Her first journey featured an International couple, but this time they were local to her. Her IPs attended appointments and spent a lot of time with Lauri-Anne throughout her journey. She says for her, they really were a huge source of support in this pregnancy. How beautiful is that?

It’s really interesting as a surrogate, you are often asked about how you’re able to distance yourself from the baby once they are born. But like Lauri-Anne says, it’s really the couple that you miss the most! You miss talking to them regularly and sending them photos and pictures of your life and hearing about theirs. It’s not that it stops when the baby is born, it just changes.

We are so grateful to experience another surrogacy story with Lauri-Anne and she will always be a part of the BFI Family!

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