Pregnant During COVID-19; Annette’s Story Part 1

Annette was kind enough to let us interview her about what it was like to be pregnant and deliver during the height of COVID-19 and if that was not enough, to manage a pregnancy complication named Vasa Previa.  


Here is the first article that will give you an idea of what makes Annette the special gal she truly is:


In the past few years, I saw my best friend and her husband struggle to conceive.  I approached them and offered my help.  Then a miracle happened, 6 siblings needed a home so they went from a family of 2 to 8 overnight!  Their family was complete.  But for me, the feeling of helping someone was still in my heart.  Then I met Yolanda, a coworker, and she had just started her first surrogacy journey.  I was intrigued and quickly became excited as I knew this was the way I could help a family grow.  Next stop, I’m cleared to be a Surrogate Mom!! Randi told me about a single dad who wanted to give his daughter a sibling.  I’m a single mom so I understood his reason perfectly. 


Meeting the Intended Father was nice.  He had such a welcoming and appreciative presence.  I immediately felt comfortable with him as he talked about his daughter and life in Spain.  He also shared with me that he already had 2 failed attempts with another Surrogate Mom and this would be his last embryo.  I have to admit, I was so nervous.  I didn’t want him to experience that again.  When I arrived to the clinic for the embryo transfer, I was a nervous wreck.  So many thoughts were going through my mind!  But then I saw Shannon and she eased my mind right away.  She explained the process in such detail that my fears went away.  Of course, the 2-week wait felt like 2 months, but it didn’t matter.  The test was positive!!!


I decided right then that I would only have a positive mindset.  No more worries, I could handle any obstacle that came my way.  The first heartbeat ultrasound was incredible. It is hard to believe what you can see and hear so early in the pregnancy.  I made sure that the Intended Father could see his son at every ultrasound and watch him grow.  Sharing those moments with him over Skype was priceless.