A Letter from BFI About COVID-19

The health and safety of our Couples, their Surrogate Mothers and their unborn children are always our top priority. The CDC/WHO said canceling public gatherings is necessary to protect public health and slow the rate of transmission of COVID-19.  Our goal is to do our part to flatten the curve and to gather as much information as we can to help guide you during this time.

What does this mean for BFI?  

  • Until further notice, all BFI Meetings & Gatherings will be made via video conference.  
  • We urge everyone to cancel any unnecessary traveling.  
  • If available in your area, utilize free grocery pickup. 
  • We recommend that Intended Parents plan to arrive in California earlier than initially planned for the birth of their baby in case a quarantine will be enforced prior to allowing you into the hospital.  If Intended Parents are local, please do not travel within 3 months of your child’s arrival.
  • Surrogate Mothers are advised to continue attending appointments as required by their treating physician.  We recommend not arriving too early for appointments so your time in the waiting room is limited. If the clinic is busy, ask for an approximate wait time and wait in your car.  Remember to wash or sanitize hands immediately upon leaving the appointment. 
  • Until further notice, BFI will not attend appointments in person.  Our Case Managers will coordinate attendance via video when possible. 
  • We are in contact with the IVF clinics to ensure that we are ready when it becomes safe to begin the process again.

We will be calling hospitals frequently for any new changes in protocols for deliveries.  For any babies arriving in the next few months, we will contact the Intended Parents and their Surrogate Mother directly to develop a plan with your hospital.  

The BFI Team has always worked remotely so our experience is vast in the virtual world.  We have always and continue to be available 24/7. Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions or concerns, we are with you every step of the way! 

The BFI Team


Carol Weathers – [email protected]

Randi Caporale – [email protected] 

Shannon Breckner – [email protected] 

Lauryn Christensen –  [email protected]