Randi’s Final Birth Story

So, believe it or not, Randi has entered retirement.  No, not the type where she can apply for Medicaid, lol, that is a long way off.  She has delivered her last baby.  This historic event occurred on March 27, 2020 minutes after she was admitted to the hospital.  That’s right, minutes!  The perfect baby girl arrived weighing 7lb 15oz and was a long 21.5 inches!!  

This was a sibling journey and she joins her older sister that Randi delivered in January 2018.  And something that makes her last journey even more amazing is that she is also Randi’s namesake!  “Lin” is now two special ladies’ middle name!  Well, Baby is not a lady yet, but you get my meaning!  

Join us at BFI in honoring Randi for making such a difference in the world by bringing these kids into the world:

L.S. & J.S. – 06.2017
B.C. – 12.2012
D.C. – 06.2015
P.M.- 01.2018
A.M. – 03.2020

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