What to Expect – Psychological Evaluation


Did you know that a psychological evaluation is required prior to your acceptance into the program at Building Families, Inc? Read on to learn why.

Dr. Radojevic’s objective is to ensure that each gestational carrier understands the commitment being made and she must determine if the carrier has sufficient coping skills to manage a surrogacy arrangement. How does she make this determination? Well, first let me point out that Dr. Rad is an expert in diagnostic evaluations. She has chosen to use a personality inventory exam along with a clinical interview to gather the data she needs to make a determination. Most often, she is able to do this with just one visit, but if she feels more data is needed, then she calls the surrogate mom to review any concerns or questions she has. She also interviews the surrogate’s husband/partner. Once she clears the gestational carrier, she calls Randi and Carol to give a report listing the qualities that this amazing woman possesses. This helps them in finding the right match for her.

Psychological clearance is just the beginning of the carrier’s relationship with Dr. Rad. She will see Dr. Rad every month in the group counseling sessions that are required throughout the surrogacy journey. Dr. Rad loves working with our surrogate moms and makes herself available to counsel them through all of life’s events while they are in our program. Her continuous involvement also gives her the advantage of recognizing potential issues and diffuse them before they turn into an actual problem. It is our belief that the psychological component in the surrogacy arrangement is as essential as the medical component. BFI seeks to assist all of our surrogates in receiving the best possible care overall throughout their journey.