Christine’s Surrogacy Journey – Part II

Now I am sharing the next part to my journey. If you haven’t read Part I, click here to read it. We left off where I met my Couple and it was an instant connection. Now for what happened next…….

It is funny how anxious you become once you are matched. When will the embryos be created? When will I have my medical clearance? When do I get to sign the contract? When do I start Group with Dr. Rad and the other women in the Program? Do I start communicating with my Couple now or do I wait? And what will I write about?

After receiving the ‘Congratulations on your match,’ email I hesitated a bit in reaching out. It felt like the waiting period after the first date, when you don’t know who should initiate contact. I wrote and rewrote my email several times, finally deciding to go with an email that laid it all out there. My excitement, a little background of what my family had been up to since we last spoke, some various ways of keeping in touch. When they replied, it felt a little more reserved than our initial meeting. After overthinking it a bit and worrying that I had turned them off in my exuberance, I shared my unease with my agency. At this point, they were more family than business associates so I felt comfortable expressing my trepidation. They helped me work through this and recognize the apprehensions from the couple’s point of view. What if they became attached to me and I didn’t pass medical clearance? While I had the highest optimism for our journey, they had experienced losses that made them more cautious. And knowing this helped me realize they weren’t overwhelmed by my enthusiastic personality but were fearful that once again their dream would not come true. What you will read in the next chapters is how not only a friendship bond was created but a family one too!

My husband, Mark, and I were medically cleared by Dr. Friedman with SDFC and felt so comfortable with her and her staff. Soon the contract was done and I started attending Group. It was amazing to me how diverse the women were and I loved hearing each of their stories.

Then finally the day we were waiting for had arrived. Mark and Shannon, my BFI Case manager, accompanied me. I am not kidding when I tell you that I did EVERY superstition I came across, there was no way I was letting this not work! I ate fresh pineapple, I drank pomegranate juice, I practiced fertility yoga for the week leading up to transfer, and I even buried a penny in my backyard. I wore a “lucky” transfer shirt that a friend from my mom’s group made for me and I was added to every prayer list of every church that my friends attended. I’m not going to tell you that these superstitions worked, but (spoiler alert) they didn’t NOT work. Because we were unable to Skype with my couple during the transfer, Mark took many photos and videos that I sent over as soon as I returned to the hotel for bed rest.

The pregnancy test was about 12 days later. But it felt like a year! I debated about taking a test at home, but ultimately, I wanted to find out at the same time as my Couple. We were going through this together. But, then, the night before I began to feel anxious. I felt as though I needed to be strong for my couple if the results were not what we were hoping. I can be a reactive person, so the best way I could do that was to go into the situation prepared. I gave in and took a home pregnancy test. It took everything in me to not call my couple as soon as the second pink line appeared, but I knew that it was best to allow the clinic to do their testing and provide my couple with tangible facts.

I had my blood drawn at the first appointment available at the clinic. I already knew that SDFC would be emailing us the results sometime that afternoon. As soon as I saw the email, I burst into tears. I was overwhelmed with my feelings of gratitude. I couldn’t resist contacting my couple any longer so I sent a WhatsApp message saying, “Congratulations!! I don’t know if you saw the email yet, but you’re having a baby!!! I’m so so so so happy for you guys!” From that point on I tried to keep a stream of positivity in our messages, my hope was that this would bring them the peace and assurance they needed.