Christine’s Surrogacy Journey – Part I

Part I:

I don’t have a big backstory that lead me to surrogacy. It was actually quite simple, I have easy pregnancies, love being pregnant so why wouldn’t I help someone?! I felt and still feel, that there isn’t a reason NOT to help someone else. Like if you’re in a parking lot and you see someone struggling to put something in their car and you know that you could easily help them, why wouldn’t you? It costs $0 to be a good person.

I remember receiving the profile for my IP. It wasn’t even a thought in my head for me to form an opinion about them if that makes sense. I don’t feel like you have to like someone to help them. Honestly, my concern was whether or not they’d like me! But, it wasn’t my place to like them or judge them. I signed up to help someone have a family and if a relationship formed, that would be a bonus but not something I would allow myself to hope for.

So, for me, one of the first of many “big” days arrived in December 2016. It was time to meet a potential Couple. As is BFI’s custom, they attended this event that they like to call a blind date. I am not kidding when I tell you that it only took 30 seconds for me to know that this was the Couple that I was meant to help. The moment the Intended Mother made eye contact with me, I felt like she was the reason I had signed up for this journey. Mark & I left the lunch knowing that we wanted to move forward, but we weren’t certain they felt the same way. We spoke about how difficult it must be for them when considering and selecting the woman who will carry their child. Knowing she and their baby would be thousands of miles away. As parents, it was difficult to fully imagine what they were feeling. We respected them all the more. Obviously, LOL, we picked each other and our journey began.