Who Is a Surrogate Mother?

Who is a surrogate? What kind of woman signs up to grow a child for a stranger? We are asked this time and time again from intended parents, curious friends, and anyone else we encounter. The short answer is that surrogate mothers are not one size fits all.

One surrogate mother describes herself as a busy mom of three who enjoys keeping a full calendar with her children’s school and extracurricular activities. We also have full time students, career women, small business owners, work at home moms, single moms, and every mom in between. In addition, a majority of the Building Families team have delivered surrogate babies.

While defining the types of women is complex, the commonalities are simple. As surrogates, we are all mothers that have the desire to share the experience of parenthood. We want to offer our intended parents the participation in the growth, delivery, and development of their child(ren) that physiology hasn’t granted them. It is that common goal that defines us as surrogate mothers.

Who are our surrogates? It is a seemingly simple question with one important answer.Our surrogates are fully vetted women who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and join our intended parents on their journey to sleepless nights…errr…parenthood.