Melissa’s Birth Story

Sometimes the math does not add up. When you transfer one embryo that should equal one baby. But, Melissa, decided that simple math would not do, so identical twins were the result!! Considering these boys already have an older brother and sister who are fraternal twins, this was quite the surprise for the awaiting parents. Should they come back to the program, I think they will be hard to match as it is clear that twins are all they know how to make!! LOL!!

Melissa was such a trooper making it to exactly 36 weeks gestation and delivering two healthy babies weighing in at exactly the same weight, 5lb 13oz each!! Dr. Garg, Melissa’s OB, constantly complimented her on how well she was managing the multiple pregnancy. Carol agreed wholeheartedly as she was lucky enough to share in the journey with her. Except for the delivery! No one could make it in time since Melissa delivered so quickly after arriving to the hospital!

May will be a busy month for the new parents as they have 4 birthdays to celebrate, two on May 5th and now thanks to Melissa, two on May 21st!!!