Shannan’s Surrogacy Story

It is not often that we hear about how the surrogacy journey has impacted the Surrogate Mother’s support team.  However, after Shannan gave birth to a 6lb 13oz beautiful baby girl on January 26, 2016, her husband, Ryan, posted about the experience from his perspective.  He ranked it as a top 5 event that will happen in his life.  We couldn’t agree more, Ryan!

Here is his post:  

“I never made it public, but my wife was a surrogate and carried the baby for another family who could not have anymore children after the first. It was so surreal to be in the delivery room yesterday and watch my wife have this baby and then passed over to the baby’s parents. It is an unexplainable feeling for everyone. The intended parents are so gracious, so appreciative, so supportive and so loving. To hear them and see them cry in joy when they heard the baby cry for the first time was amazing. Witnessing life being brought into this world for another who couldn’t is an unexplainable top 5 event that will happen in my life.

“To the parents; Shannan and I love you guys. Your support was incredible and we are so happy we were meant for each other.  Thank you for giving us this opportunity to experience something not many get to experience.  Enjoy your baby, we will never forget you, we look forward to a lifetime of friendship.

To Matt and Nina;  Thanks for being the first to introduce us to this. It was an amazing process.

To anyone who that has thought about surrogacy, do it.