Jennifer’s Surrogacy Story

A minor misconception almost changed the destiny of three different families.  “I was naive and assumed that only single women who didn’t want to have their own children were Surrogates,” said third time Surrogate Mother, Jennifer.  Thankfully, a friend of Jennifer’s became a Surrogate and shed some light on the qualities that are necessary in being a successful Surrogate Mom.  And after hearing what a wonderful experience her friend was having, Jennifer joined the BFI family shortly after.


Seeing the immediate love and joy on the new parents’ faces was the highlight of all three of Jennifer’s surrogacies, including her final delivery on January 23, 2016.  Jennifer stated, “Helping a family in this way is very humbling and reminds you to be grateful for your own children.”

“I like educating people about surrogacy and changing other people’s perception about the process.”, said Jennifer when asked how her perception of surrogacy has changed over the years.  Clearly, these experiences have turned Jennifer into a champion for surrogacy.


Jennifer, you have changed the lives of 3 Couples and the world with the huge contributions you have made over the years.  You are a Superhero!!!