Mother’s Day 2013

Mother's Day 2013Mother’s Day 2013 will be a day that I will remember with fondness for the rest of my days. My daughter, Jenny, is celebrating her first Mother’s Day this year! As moms, we do our best to prepare our children to not just survive but to thrive in the world we live in today. Between seeing to their education, making sure they stay healthy and doing our best to making them happy too, you don’t realize that really what you are doing is setting an example for them. It occurred to me that I was not only preparing Jenny for her life, but for the lives she will be responsible for now and in the future. I am proud to be a Mom and now I am a proud Grandma. Thanks Jenny for bringing Genevieve into our lives. And may you enjoy motherhood as much as I do!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women who have parented their own children and guided others who needed them. My deepest respect to all of the Surrogate Mothers who not only took on the responsibility of parenting, but decided to open their hearts to help Couples achieve their dream of parenthood. May God Bless You All!!