Doctors perform world’s first uterus transplant between a MOTHER and her DAUGHTER

Without a womb, there is no life.  For 40 weeks, a baby is carried around in a womb, being protected and nurtured until he or she can survive on their own.  It is there that something so tiny, so unimaginable, will grow to become a fully-developed person.

But what about those women that don’t have a uterus?  Sometimes it is a birth defect such as in the cases of Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser Syndrome.  Or it was necessary to surgically remove the woman’s uterus to save her life if she was diagnosed with cancer.  These women are prevented from experiencing the incredible miracle of life.

However, women are now able to donate their uterus, potentially giving someone else a chance at having their own little miracle.  And the best part?  Age is not a factor.  Even though women stop producing eggs at about age 50, our wombs can carry a baby past age 60!  This allows a much larger group of women to do their part in giving these women hope.

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