Amendment to California Family Code Relating to Surrogacy Agreements

On September 23, 2012, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB 1217 which is an Amendment to the California Family Code relating to Surrogacy Agreements.

Here are some highlights of this new bill:
Requires the Surrogate Mother and the Intended Parent(s) to be represented by separate legal counsel

Requires the signatures on the Surrogacy Agreement be notarized
No embryo transfer can be conducted or medications taken before the Surrogacy Agreement is executed

Building Families is excited to see this become a part of California law. These are the minimum standards that we and the professionals we work with practice.

California is once again setting the standard for how surrogacy should be conducted. We think this is a great example for the world. Kudos to the California attorneys who finally brought these standards into law which is better for all.

Read the entire amendment here: