A poem written by an expecting Mum

A poem written by an expecting Mum

“Early days”

No bigger than a kidney bean
You burst alive onto our screen
A mass of black and white sketches

Your little heart beats strongly
It’s the centre of your universe
And ours

Over the weeks and months ahead
You will become a completely formed being
Gaining conscience and feeling
Becoming a complete human

We will all be following you every step of the way
Cheering you on

Little being
We have big plans for you
And a beautiful brother who waits for you too

Keep beating little heart
And grow bigger and bigger

Thousands of miles away over the sea
Your beating heart links to ours

Tasha keeps you safe inside
Her gift to us …… beyond measure

We await with eagerness
Your wondrous presence in our lives
Keep growing little one ……………….