A Father’s Love for His Daughter

As hard as we might, we can never adequately explain the pride and joy a child brings to their parents. And when the child is a Surrogate Mother, the emotion runs higher than ever. One of our Surrogate Moms received a beautiful letter from her Father and she shared it with us. And we knew we had to share it with you:

My Dear Daughter, My Little Wonderful Daughter,

Thank you, thank you for showing me how to feel this kind of love. To share this with you will be the highlight of my life, for sure. What you have done is allow another Mom & Dad to experience this love I have here with you every day. To see the baby, to hold her, to touch her and to see the love her Mom & Dad have for her. I think there is no way that he will not love her like I love you. I can see into his heart and he will take care of her always. When they look at her, they will always think of you and know what love really is. They have a great gift, not only the love of their baby, but they too learn about the love you have for your family and how much it means for you to share it with them. I am proud of you, Daughter, so very much. Know this, you are a teacher of love and you have been chosen by God Himself. This blessing will go to your children in so many ways.