“Womb For Rent”

“Mother for Rent” or “Womb for Rent” are terms used in some countries to describe or identify a Surrogate Mother. Admittedly, for most of us here in the USA this has a negative connotation.

Since I first heard these terms more than 10 years ago, I was determined to correct everyone I heard use it. This has been quite an undertaking! I have come to learn that most of the people using these terms do not mean any disrespect. It is a term that was created and they just use it. I am hoping that in time it will be used less and a more appropriate term like “Surrogate Mother” or “Gestational Carrier” be used.

I read in the new law in Spain (BOE-A-2010-15317) that the Surrogate Mothers are referred to as Gestational Mothers. I think this is a huge step forward in their country. Hopefully soon the world will view the Surrogate Mothers as this Spanish law does as these women deserve respect in every language and in every land.

Click Here to download a .pdf (207 KB) about the new Spanish law. Please note that this is an unofficial translation.