Carol’s Corner 2010

Happy New Year!!!

We had another stellar year. We shared in the building of many families for which we are very proud and honored. Every birth is a miracle, of course, but we got to see some truly incredible things this year. Some Couples who have struggled for many years before meeting us, went home with their hearts filled with more joy than they could have ever imagined. I am impressed with their diligence in achieving their dream of parenthood. It wasn’t easy, but we did it together!

Our very own, Tracy, was a Surrogate Mom again this year. You’ll remember that she helped her first Couple have two gorgeous boys in years past. Well, she and Jermaine decided they wanted to help a new Couple achieve their dream of parenthood one last time. I was surprised when she called me, but happily, of course! As is her usual, she did a tremendous job and changed this Spanish Couple’s lives forever. They have a gorgeous boy too, which is all Tracy seems to make. Hahaha! Tracy continues to be our Recruiter and doing an incredible job.

Breann is a Godsend. My Program is as successful as it is due largely in part to her efforts as a Case Manager. As you know she is a mom to two growing kids and still manages to care for all of her cases with so much sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Jerry has made my life a lot easier too. He is a workhorse! He has been with us for a bit more than 2 years and his presence allows me to enjoy each case more by spending time with the Surrogate Moms and their Couples. And also to spend time with the new families that we help build. This time is priceless and I appreciate so much having the ability to do this.

Dr. Rad wrote a fascinating article this month, “Secrets Lead to Shame: The Truth Leads to Health and Healing”. You should check it out in “Dr. Rad’s News & Views”. She discussed the material I brought back from the ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) conference this year. Families today are formed in so many different ways and the parents should not be ashamed of what they had to do to have the child they so desperately wanted. Sperm donation, Egg donation, Surrogacy and Adoption are all acceptable means of achieving the goal of parenthood. But sometimes one or both of the new parents are concerned about compromising their role in their child’s life if the child knows they are not genetically related or if the mother did not give birth to the child. Studies have been performed on hundreds of families who disclosed the origin of their child’s birth to their child and in every case the bond between the parent and child were stronger. There was a bond of trust there that doesn’t always occur in many relationships but especially between a parent and child. In addition, the psychologists believe that the earlier you tell your child about how they came to be, the better. It makes telling and hearing the information much easier to process for both sides. If the parent starts telling the child’s story at birth, by the time they are older the parent is comfortable and it is not news for the child since they have been hearing the story their whole lives, literally. So, when a new parent is thinking they will withhold information from their child because they are afraid they won’t understand the complexities, they need to identify the fear as their own and deal with it. Every person has a right to know their history which may begin at birth but for our new parents, it starts long before then. If you are unsure what to say, there are some books on the subject that you can read. But you can always ask us as we are happy to guide you not just through your Surrogacy, but for as long as you need us!

Speaking of families, my family is doing wonderful! Jenny and Doug’s wedding this past summer was incredible and their marriage is a beautiful message to everyone that love truly is grand. Jenny has also achieved her goal of becoming a teacher. She teaches 3rd Grade in Orange County. Johnny has so many irons in the fire, which I guess is expected at age 22. He has a passion for writing and has recently submitted his first freelance article to a magazine which is very exciting. Keep your fingers crossed that he gets a good response. John and I are the same….which is a good thing. We wish you a happy holiday season and a beautiful new year!

God’s Blessings to All,